Can non Indigenous Peoples wear your apparel? 

Yes, we believe everyone can wear our apparel.

Can non natives where your ‘You Are On Native Land’ design? 

Yes! We created it with the intention that everyone can wear the design. By wearing it you acknowledge that you are on native land and that you support our communities. It also encourages people to think about who the Indigenous People of that area are.

We also believe it is not the job of native folks to continue to share this message. By our non native friends wearing the brand they take the ease off of constantly reminding folks and being that one “token” Native that everyone asks questions about.

Where can i find your size charts?

Scroll all the way to the bottom of each product and you will find the size chart.

How long does shipping take?

Due to our high level of orders, projects, and our small team our goal is to make sure it ships out no longer than 2 weeks. In some cases, our products will ship after 2 weeks. And trust us, we are working hard to get you all your apparel. View next questions about Pre-Orders!

How long do pre-orders take?

Pre-orders usually take a month to get to you.

Do you have a store in San Francisco?

We work out of a little home studio in Yelamu Ohlone Territory aka San Francisco. One day we hope to open up a store front. Until then, check out our events page and shop the site for all things Urban Native Era.

Can we buy your gear at any physical stores?

We have a few products at the California Historical Society in San Francisco. If you have a business and world like to hold some of our stuff, head on over to our contact page to email us.

 Can we book you for a speaking event?

Yes! We have presented our work at Universities, schools, and events.

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