Indigenous Peoples Day is Every Day Crop Top

Indigenous Peoples Day is Every Day Crop Top


In 2018, Indigenous Peoples Day was recognized by the city of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many more across Turtle Island (North America).

Our design was launched to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and Yelamu Ohlone Territory ( San Francisco). The hummingbird is one of the three animals that are part of the creation story of the Indigenous Peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area. We wanted to pay homage to them because we operate in Yelamu (San Francisco).

It also shows that although these recognitions of days for Indigenous Peoples are much needed, we are still going to celebrate our people every day.

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Please note that we will be shipping this product and others through September 25th - October 1st/2nd, 2019. We plan for everyone to receive them just in time to wear for Indigenous Peoples Day.

We will be shipping starting from the first initial orders received on September 7th. If you have pre-ordered any other products they will be shipped all together.

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